Access to justice and the rule of law are the very bedrock of a stable society. Without it, nations will neither grow nor flourish. It is a core human right that sadly, is not a given. These rights are a hard fought for consensus between nations based on the shared values and principles of freedom, dignity, equality and mutual respect, across all cultures, religions and philosophies. They are vital to uphold and champion, and provide us with a framework to hold entities accountable, but also the building blocks to bring about a justice, harmony and prosperity for every member of the human family.

The Justice Hub Platform

The JusticeHub advances UN Sustainable Development Goal 16, “…to provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.”  Accordingly, the JusticeHub is a virtual solution hub for the justice eco-sphere. Participate in real time collaborations with other legal defenders and join a dedicated community of practice and work together with colleagues from across the world. Whether you are a judge, prison official, civil society member, government minister or lawyer, you will find resources and community at the JusticeHub.

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Collaborate on JusticeHub projects

Join us on JusticeHub to create a Country DefenseWiki page, an eLearning Course, or a Defender Manual. We have over 90 teams in need of assistance, but those noted below are our current highest priority. Please get in touch using the forms below so we can follow up with you. Or contact the JusticeHub Team.


This task involves researching relevant laws, documents, manuals and other material relating to the country, including the Constitution, Criminal Procedure Code/Penal Code and international human rights instruments and developing comprehensive repository of material with relation to criminal defense lawyers in the country.

Challenge: In many countries, many criminal defense practitioners do not have access to basic legal resources, such as penal and procedural codes. It is essential that those seeking to bring about systemic justice changes are aware of current treaties, international human rights norms, local laws and creative approaches to criminal defense.

Solution: IBJ’s DefenseWiki is based on the same software as Wikipedia and brings up to date codes, treaties, case law and other resources to lawyers throughout the world. The DefenseWiki brings together criminal defense practitioners, legal professionals, law students and law professors from around the world to continuously provide and use resource materials, which can be used to conduct research and develop cases.


This task involves researching relevant laws with relation to rights of the accused, including the Constitution, Criminal Procedure Code/Penal Code and other relevant international human rights instruments the country is party to and developing eLearning practice module on the subject to be used by defense lawyers.

Challenge: In many countries, criminal defense practitioners lack access to quality continuing legal education. Often, training expertise and materials, as well as financial resources are not available in countries where it is most needed.

Solution: A system of eLearning modules provides a valuable solution. Virtual training through eLearning modules reduces training costs and expands exponentially global reach for both trainers and trainees. eLearning allows for on-demand training—ideal for busy professionals who might otherwise not have the time to follow a conventional training schedule. Additionally, those with valuable legal expertise can easily create an eLearning Module to share their knowledge and best practices in a specific area.

Defender Manual

Challenge: In many countries, criminal defence practitioners lack procedural guides that are fundamental for the protection of due process for defendants. As a result, defenders risk not being able to identify and raising effective objections to procedural issues. Without a Defender Manual, procedural safeguards are not guaranteed.

Solution: With a fully comprehensive Defender Manual to hand, a criminal defence practitioner is able to conduct a case effectively. Building on the introductory DefenseWiki and the instructive eLearning Course, the Defender Manual gives defenders the tools to assert fundamental questions of law, make effective procedural motions, and protect special populations.

Current Target Countries

  • Algeria
  • Bolivia
  • Burundi (Kirundi)
  • Tunisia
  • Cameroon
  • Indonesia: Rights of the Accused, Rights of Defense Lawyers, Defenses
  • Mali
  • Mexico
  • Laos
  • Turkey
  • Thailand

For more information please contact the JusticeHub Team.

COVID-19 Response

We understand COVID-19 requires targeted justice solutions. The JusticeHub is here to help you during the pandemic and beyond.

If you are a lawyer, download our COVID-19 Justice Toolkit (login required) with motions, checklists and templates for easy adaptability. Need something more tailored? Check out our country-specific resources.

In learning mode? Grab a front-row seat in one of our COVID-19 webinars. In teaching mode? Request to host a webinar of your own. Want to do more? Apply to join our global network of COVID-19 Justice Responders. You’ll receive support and frontline defender solutions for access to justice under the pandemic.

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